Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quietly thinking

So, I went to Iqaluit on duty travel, came home to a sick boy and got sick too! We have been sick for 3 weeks! Only reminents for Ellyott is a cough and I have a cough and no voice for the almost 5th day! OMG! I am facilitating a workshop this week - which has been quite an adventure considering! BUt I have adapted and the group has been very understanding. This weekend I am preparing for another workshop with 3 reps from CCSA, the regional managers and ED's of wellness centres - really exciting stuff!

I have been feeling a bit lonely lately... perhaps it is just because I have been so sick. I am craving a hug and to feel okay and safe.... silly and needy huh? I came to Cam Bay wishing for strength as a woman on my own, and find myself wanting a warm embrace... Oh well, suck it up buttercup! LOL!

I may go dancing tomorrow night... but I am taking a friends son for the night on Saturday and am not sure if I want to be tired, taking care of 2, 2 year olds!!! I think I need to have some adult interaction, that is not work related! Ha!

I am still trying to work on finding hobbies I like. I have not been using my camera or painting or writing! Shall I blame it on being uninspired??? Too sick? LOL! I am seriously going to get back at them soon. I need too!

OMG I am soooooo bored tonight! I just want to sit and chat with someone! I wish it was not 1am in NS... there is a few of you I'd love to talk to.

I am thinking of my brother, who was deployed on the HMCS Charlottetown. I truly hope that he is okay and that he comes back to us safely...


  1. Even the strongest woman get loney sometimes too. It happens, especially up here. It can be a lonely place even when you have lots of social interaction. Sending you a cyber hug.

  2. Thanks Morena... cyber hugs back to you!