Thursday, November 18, 2010


So I have been thinking a lot since coming to Nunavut... there is one major issue that I found I need to work on... courage. I hope that my time in the North will change my self-opinion to include courage, strength, and a realistic understanding of my self worth... Heavy stuff eh? I guess that while I am writing this, I am also realizing that I need to explain it to myself, so that I can better understand it. So here is an example. I have a crush and I could never ever tell them that I have a crush... for many reasons. There are some pretty obvious reasons and then there are other reasons. One of which is that I am afraid that they will only see my outside. I am a big big girl. I am sad about this, have come to an understanding of how it happened, and am taking all the right steps for dieting, exercize and positive reinforcement... I have made some big changes since coming to NU and know there are more to come... when I come back to NS in the summer LOOKOUTTTTT! I will be a hot tamalie! However, I also don't want to be a skinny girl that people just want to know, just because of what I am on the outside. So I am in conflict with myself. I want to be loved as I am, but would never have the courage to put myself out there with the way I am right now. I have almost told my crush that I am crushing a couple times, but always ALWAYS chicken out. I feel like a stupid teenager.
I have spent much of my life loving people who don't want to be loved or who can not handle how intensely I love. I am not crazy in a relationship, but I am also not afraid to share my heart with a partner. I listen to a lot of music and find comfort and hope and sadness all entrenched in the words of the songs... like "can't make you love me" by Bonnie Raitt. Or beautiful songs of love and the hope for love, like "ready for love" by india.arie or Boyz 2 Men songs... I kinda got off track here talking about music, but the point I am trying to explain to myself is that I don't think that I deserve to be with someone who I idealize in my mind. My crush is so perfect. So funny. So attractive. So passionate. So brave. Why is it that I feel that I am not good enough??? WHY? I have a great career, an amazing child, I am a good friend and good daughter / sister and auntie. I am passionate and a good listener. I can be very romantic and am always loving.
I see the major disconnect in my courage. I have let things railroad me for a long long time and somewhere along the way I lost my courage. I want it back. I am starting out in this process, but find myself extremely frustrated already with how slow change happens - even if I make 100 little changes, it will take a long time to feel the impact... I know I want to reach my end goal of finding my courage... however, in the mean time I continue to dream. I dream out how things would happen, what I would say, what the other would say and how much it would make me cry to feel their arms around me and how safe I would feel if they felt the same about me. Someday I will feel this way, maybe not with my crush, but with someone who is as spectacular.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Bazaar

Yesterday was the Christmas Bazaar in Cambridge Bay. It was great! I got a few special things for some special people! There was a beautiful pair of beaver skin mitts, that were dyed different colors. The fit perfectly and were soooo cozy. However, they were 200.00... so I didn't buy them. I am regretful now... I wish I did!

So this week the temperature is going to go wayyyy down... it has been very warm here in comparison to what it has been in previous years... makes me sad to think that global warming is having such an impact and no one realizes the damage to the North :(

I have been meeting lots of new people and am on the Board of Directors for Ellyott's daycare. I am starting to make some great new friends and cook a lot of meals for people! I love to cook and to entertain! Ellyott and I have a good routine and we are able to spend so much time together. In NS, we spent 2 hours a day in the car and in Cambridge Bay we get to spend those 2 hours playing... it fills my heart. I love being his momma... I am so lucky that he chose me.

I watched the Lovely Bones today and cried and cried... what a frickin' story. I can't even imagine.

Well, Ellyott and I have 4 weeks from today till we start our journey home for Christmas. I am excited! Zoey is going to stay here with my coworker Irene till Dec 28, then she will be with another coworker Sue till we get back Jan 9. I will miss her dearly.

Well, I shall run for now! Take care!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hello hello!
Its been a couple weeks, so I thought I would write. I think that both Ellyott and I have gotten every single bug/ germ / virus possible over the last 2 months... flus, colds, ear infections, tonsilitis, pink eye... you name it. ARGH... today is a good day. Today (knock on wood) we both seemed to feel good! We went to the Rememberence Day gathering in town today, and played in the snow on our way home... we napped and played for the rest of the day, and NO sign of a running nose, red eyes, stomach ache... etc etc etc, blah blah blah! YAYYYYYYYY! Whop! Whop!

I am enjoying it in Cambridge Bay. I am not finding it very cold - but actually there was only a few days that the temp went below -30, so I guess we have had it pretty easy. Apparently the weather this year is not normal.

My job is going well... somedays I feel like my head is spinning though... I have always had a difficult time trying to wrap my head around policy, and not having real practical policy experience coming into this position is a big eye opening process for me. I was a bit down in the dumps for a while because a plan I thought I had in place about going home, did not work out, so I had to come up with the money to fly E and I home for Christmas time and for an appointment that I have. I got the tickets and a place for our dog Zoey to stay.

I have seen some new beautiful things while here that I want to share. I am also going to get a better camera with a strong lens when we come back to NS in December. I saw a light phenomeon called light poles... when it is -20 or below and there are ice crystals in the air, the lights from the community extend straight up into the sky... so beautiful. No northern lights... perhaps when we stay over in Yellowknife when we are on our way home.

Well take care all and I will write soon!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Loss for words...

Okay, I have not been a good blogger at all. Between parenting, my job, and trying to unpack everything - successfully, by the way and organizing - still ongoing, I jsut have not been writing.

We have had lots of snow and then some slush, then it froze and we had a blizzard, then it got a bit sunny and then we got a few dustings... which means that though it looks like snow, it is ICEEEEE! Trust me, I ended up on my ass 3 times in 2 hours. - one of which was terrible falling down my stairs.

I got the flu at the end of last week and now am on day 3 - almost 4, of no voice.... this SUCKS with a 2 year old who is currently testing boundaries.... in a big way...

I have been talking to many people, reading lots of documents and watching for local to Nunavut news.... I am very sad about the recent events in Cape Dorset. It truly stikes me as knowing how close people are in my community, that Cape Dorset is going to be affected by these events for many years to come...

I promise that I will start to write more often!!! PS - if anyone wants to see pics of Cam Bay, let me know and I will post some or give a link to my FB page.

Take care!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, we have been in Cambridge Bay for over 5 weeks now and have had some great and some not so great adventures...
Great adventures:
the plane, feeling proud of myself, starting a great job with super potential for my career, exploring the North - Mount Pelly, going out on the land with a coworker and her family, seeing the beauty of the North, meeting really great people, and learning many new life foundations - i.e. taking the long view...
Not so great adventures:
Ellyott hating the daycare, him having a very sore belly for 4 weeks, him getting a double ear infection and tonsilitis, my bed, couch and TV gone missing (have the bed now, couch is in Cambridge Bay but has not been delievered and the TV... well no one has any idea where that is) and I fell yesterday 3 times...1. in front of the daycare and a bunch of roofers, 2. up my stairs carrying E's wagon inside, and 3. the worst one, falling down 6 stairs while taking my dog out for a walk... ouch - sprained finger, sore ribs, bum and leg.

Apparently I may be able to go out on duty travel to explore some programs in Clyde River and I am soooo excited! I am going to learn so much! Either Ellyott's daddy or grandma may come to Cam Bay to stay with E while I go... all up in the air now, but firm details are coming in the next week or so! I can't wait to get going on this job... yay!

I am getting a parka through a friend I have never met... LOL! Thanks Susan for introducing me to Tara! I am getting a great deal, so I am happy.

So every night, I scour the sky looking for northern lights and some people say we are too far North, and others say they come in November... So I will keep my eyes open and fingers crossed! I feel that we are settled in now and am content. I have started really thinking about my life, the choices I have made, and the choices I want to make for my future... this North adventure is giving me lots of time to reflect and I think that it was long overdue!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Settling in...

Yay! I got my things aka "personal effects" on Monday. I am done unpacking and am organizing. I was hoping to get everything done and cleaned this weekend, but my little guy has a double ear infection - so, organizing and cleaning is on the back burner. They had lost my bed, my couch and my brand new flat screen TV. I got my bed Friday, my couch is in Yellowknife and will come when there is room on the plane and my TV, well no one seems to know where that is. Sniffles. I checked the price of the same TV here and it is 1400.00!!!!!!! OKay, no way on that one. The cheapest TV here is 600.00, so I guess I am going to do without...

I am loving my job - though I am not sure how I am going to learn everything. I have never done policy and standards before because I have always worked front line. I must say that I do miss the front line work - seeing how people learn and change has always been fascinating. I have been thinking alot lately about my life and wondering why sometimes I am not good at saying things. I can advocate for clients with lots of energy and passion, but when it comes to me saying something in my heart... thats another story. How did I get so complicated??? I listen well when Elders speak and the philosophy of truth from the heart has made me start to wonder why I can't say certain things... what is holding me back? Why am I afraid that others won't see me as I am? I know the answer to the last question, but I'll leave that for another day!

On to happier things, I am still on my quest to see the Northern lights... either the sky was clear and it wasn't cold enough, or it has been cold by cloudy, foggy or snowing. I have been looking at some other bloggers pics of the lights and I am soooo envious. Maybe I need to get a babysitter for late at night and go walk out of town a bit... perhaps I'd be more lucky then!

Well, should go for now, but will write again soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We're here!

Okay, so I have not been a good blogger since I have been here, but I am writing tonight! We have been here for 2 weeks and almost 3 days. We are doing relatavly well, except the following:
1. Ellyott is crying alot at his daycare - probably getting used to so many more kids - at his dayhome, there were only 6.
2. The first week and a half, he had a tummy flu and now I have it.
3. Which is probably number one, our things are not here yet. They were supposed to come on August 30, but here we are at September 16 and NOTHING....
4. I am stressed about money because I have not gotten paid and I have had to spend TONNES of money on diapers as again, they are in my shipment
5. I do not have my warm clothes either, and capris and sandals are not cutting it in the snow. Seriously!
So, I have learned an important lesson about the North... here goes...


Okay, so now that is off of my mind and I can share some wonderful things. I went on a walk for suicide awareness day with the community who chanted "Embrace Life". It was amazing to see how a community, so very intimately affected by suicide, gathered so closely for something so special!

We went out with a co-worker to her family cabin "out on the land" and it was a huge honor to spend time with her and her parents, who are 1st generation Inuit. It was an experience that I will hold true to my heart forever.

We are finishing up our orientation tomorrow, during with time I met the Assistant Deputy Minister. She attended our week long orientation. We met with 2 Elders and went through PILES AND PILES of documents. This is going to be a great job - hard, busy, and challenging, but honestly, I don't think I would get this experience at home. I am honored.

I also ordered food mail for the first time, which was supposed to come in Tuesday - but planes were cancelled as it was too foggy here for them to land. It did not arrive today, so I do hope it comes before it all spoils!!!!!!!

I have put lots of pics on my Facebook page and will continue to add more. One thing I want to say is that there are soooo many employment positions here that are not filled, if you want to come up North, it would be an enriching experience and you should seriously consider it. I learned on my first day here that the Inuit have a motto. The motto is as follows...

Regardless of your life situation is - no food, no money, bad health, relationship problems etc... we wake up everyday with a smile, and continue that smile throughout the day and that smile warms others as well as our own hearts... magnificient!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Humm... 8 days now!

Okay, we had such a great day yesterday for Ellyott's birthday! The sun was out, but it was not scorching hot. We had a great turn out too! Loretta (who was our dayhome childcare momma) came with a big blow up bouncy castle, and let me to you all how much fun he had! HA! I had ordered a digger cake from Superstore, and asked them to draw a pic of a dump truck or an esvacator, but instead they made some cool dirt and added in a toy escavator and dump truck! I was so impressed!

This week is going to be filled with dentist appointments for me, packing the 8 suitcases we can bring - which includes more shopping... argh... I am really shopped out. Ellyott's actual birthday is on August 26th, so we are going to have a little gathering on that day too. I realized that I sent everything, and was supposed to keep out some supplies incase my shipment has not arrived in Cambridge Bay, so I have to do some scrambling for sheets, blankets, pots and pans, plates etc... I have to gather up some random food things that I didn't send in my sea lift - i.e. yeast for my homemade bread, spices, etc. I need to get some more medical stuff and some other random necessities... I really hope that our things get there relatively close to our arrival time, because I did not save warm clothes here to bring.... lately Cambridge Bay has been in the low teens and down to 4 overnight. I am learning alot from this move and if I were to do it again, I'd make some modifications to my planning!!!

I sold my car - yay! All we need to do is have the car cleaned and the oil changed and the money exchange so that I can pay off the loan and cancel my insurance - then I am free from almost 600.00 in payments a month! WHOP! WHOP!

I am still a little nervous about the plane... I got some "puppy valium" for Zoey... OMG! Ellyott had a stomach bug for a week, an ear infection for a week and now a cold, so our family doctor said to give him advil about an hour before the plane leaves and to have some gravol onhand... I have no idea what to expect giving him gravol as he has not had it before... Once I get in Edmonton, we are going to check out the West Edmonton Mall - I have never been there, so since we have an overnight there, I think it would be great to explore!

I will update again later in the week and I know that alot of my friends are reading this blog and if you have any suggestions about all of this, plus let me know!!! XOXO's!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

15 days! Tick, tock...

I htink that I am in a much better state than I was a few days ago. Last week was so hard to get through... the baby being sick, the puppy, the last week at work and that no one was around - Jimmy away working, mom and dad at the cottage, Jimmy's parents away and Lori working. I know that when I am in Cambridge Bay, it is going to be Ellyott, myself and our puppy... and thats okay - as long as there is not a little puppy peeing all over the place! LOL

I can't believe that in just over 2 weeks, I am going to be arriving in Nunavut! I have dreamed of going to Nunavut for years and years, and something always held me back. This current decision is based on a lot of factors - i.e. work experience, a great manager, money... ahh yes, money. A friend told me a story about her son and not being able to afford his soccer lessons, and he told his friend to come over after his lessons to teach him... this hit home for me. 11 more years it would take to pay off these loans at my salary, but I will have them paid in a year instead.

Here is a list of all the things I am excited about...
- seeing the Northern lights
- being part of a cose, family oriented community
- being part of such a progressive team
- not having to think outside the box, because "there is NO box" according to my boss!
- working towards my masters degree
- learning a new culture, practices and being part of a vibrant community that is growing in response to mining nearby
and just.... EVERYTHING else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to miss the following...
- my family and friends
- walking through the isles of the grocery store, puttering
- Pete's Fruitique make your own salads
- Chapters
- trees!
- fresh produce that is readily accessable

But I am not going to miss driving an hour and a half to and from work everyday, especially in a snowstorm... I can`t wait...!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I feel like a bobblehead...

Okay, time is going by, 20 days to go!!! So this weekend I am going away to the cottage with some friends from work and then my great friend Natasha and her son, Christian (Ellyott's BFF) are coming up for a few days.

My complaints... I am a tad bit stressed (sense the sarcasam - meaning I am SERIOUSLY, crying, worrying stressed) about Ellyott, as he has a bad ear infection and a terrible fever. I am worried that I won't get everything finished at work by Friday, my last day AND my last complaint is that we got Jimmy a new puppy and this little dude is NUTS. He is a bullmastiff, 7 weeks old, pooping everywhere, outside for 20 mins and comes inside to pee all over the freaking floor - he like to walk and pee at the same time - - - quite the talented little one, eh?

So, if you have ever seen those bobblehead things in people's cars that move around like crazy if the car is moving... they go up and down, around and around, backwards and forwards, up and forward, down and backwords... totally random. Very unpredictable. Just overall crazy looking... well, thats ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, deep breath... relax.... insert positive self talk here... and yes, I have to end this blog, because the puppy was playing happily and right in the middle of this, with no warning, he crouched down and pooped on my bedroom carpet... argh......

Thursday, August 5, 2010

25 dayssssss!!! Whop! Whop!

1 week from tomorrow is my last day of work and in 25 days, at 715 am, we fly out for Edmonton, stay there overnight, and on August 31, we travel to Yellowknife and then Cambridge Bay! WOOHOO! I am sooooo excited!

The packers and mvoers came last weekend, so now my things are on their way to Edmonton to be crated and flown the rest of the way. My sealift order will arrive in my community before I get there. I had a conference call last night with my team and one of my new coworkers is going to the Northern and telling them that I don't arrive until August 31, so I imagine that they will store my things until then.

After work is finished, I have about a week off - to spend some time with special people at our family cottage and I start working for the Government of Nunavut August 23 from here... I am having Ellyott's 2nd birthday on August 21. Then the last week was supposed to be filled with wedding activities with a friend, but this plan has changed, so I guess I will do more visiting!

I arranged for Jimmy to get a puppy because I decided to bring my dog with me to Nunavut... funny thing is, I need to get her on a little diet before we fly ! HA! Apparently, the dog has to be under 22lbs to fly in the cabin with me and Zoey is 22.7 lbs... no more eating the baby's food Zoey! Lots of time playing outside too!

I can't wait to get to Nunavut! I think this job is an exceptional opportunity for me as a professional and the culture of the Inuit will enrich my life and core family values. I hope to make some great friends and some strong experiences!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ok... It is now...
-1 week, 5 days till the packers and movers come
-3 weeks till my last day at work
-5 weeks till we leave!!!

I am almost ready... I still have to buy a few things - which most importantly include boots for me and Ellyott. I can't believe how difficult it is to get boots that are rated at -50 or lower... I have been to MANY stores and yes, I know it is summer, but seriously NO ONE HAS ANY! Unless I bought these huge heavy steel toed man boots from Marks Work Warehouse - which does not suit me. I can't find any boots for the baby either. I am at a loss.

Other than the boots, I need a few odds and ends, and am facing a laundry dilemma. I thought I was being placed in a unit with a top loader, so I went and bought powdered soap, however, they have moved me to a unit closer to the daycare and this unit has been redone (YAY) but includes a front loader. So hence my issue... my sealift is already ordered and crated and possibly already sailing and the company who is shipping my furniture does not accept any liquids...


After my things are sent, we have 1 month of jam packed events! Our childcare provider is on vacation the first week of August, so Ellyott will be with family, then he goes back to Loretta for 1 week, then I am done work. We have a trip to the cottage with friends and then my friend Natasha and Ellyott's BFF Christian are coming out for a couple nights... then back to Halifax to plan for Ellyott's 2nd birthday party on August 21. August 23 I start working for Government of Nunavut from here... interviewing people, gathering info etc. THEN, Ellyotts real birthday is August 26, I am standing in Angela's wedding on the 28th and then the plane leaves with us on it on August 30th! WHOP!

I can't wait to hit the road! I am still terrified of the flight with the baby, but I am going to have to get over that, eh?

Anyone think of something I am forgetting? I appreciate any thoughts, suggestions etc!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Whoa Jennifer!

Ok.... so I must admit I was overwhelmed for a bit... I had a hard case at work, frustrated with the current systems and powers at play in my current job and this can be summerized as frustrating. I came home and played with Ellyott - during such time I fell down and hurt my wrist... I proceeded to give him a bath then came to my room and had a bit of a cry-a-thon-feel-so-sorry-for-myself-no-one-cares-fest... In thinking about what I need to do to get ready to leave NS, I began to feel alone... I mean really alone... J is gone away working, dad is at sea, mom is at the cottage with Maggie and aunt Barb, Pierre just had a baby, J's parents are in Cape Breton and my friends are all busy... so I felt a little stressed wondering how I was going to be able to go shopping to get everything I need with Ellyott in tow....NOT GOING TO WORK... so, I woke on Friday, vented a bit and then I read a FB post that said "today I am going to focus on what I can do, and not on what I can't do...

breath in... breath out...

So today I left home at 9am... Jimmy came home last night from work and stayed with the baby today... I took off to the car dealer to have my car appraised and then hit the stores... Thanks to Shannon who got me into Costco and helped me get some good deals, then it was off to Zellers, Henry's, Superstore, Canadian Tire and Lawtons... I spent $1500.00 today and counted up saving 1100.00!!!!! I have NEVER spent that much or saved that much either!! I came home, did a brief inventory and made a list of the remaining things I need... guessing one more full shopping day and I will be DONNNNNNNEEE!

So my plans were to clean this house tonight... but nope.... not doing it... I am going to lay in bed and watch a chick flick... seriously KAPUT!!!

3 weeks till the packers and movers come and then 7 weeks to go till departure!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ok... mistake? HELLLLLPPPPP!

I am a little worried and want to ask opinions of those already in NU. I am allowed 6000lbs to bring with me... I ordered a sealift... do I need a sealift or should I be okay getting food, diapers, papered goods and all of my household supplies here and including it within my 6000lbs??? HELP! I am bringing all furniture including the baby's bedroom, toys and books, all kitchen and bedroom items and all general household items - i.e. towels, dishes, pots and pans, microwaves, clothing, blankets etcetcetc... DESPERATLY NEEDING THOUGHTS ASAP...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

10 weeks!!!

OK, so I made some good progress this weekend! Ellyott went to hang out with his "gimpie and gimmie" aka grampy and grammy on Saturday for the whole day and then he had his first night away from me and stayed with my sister Lori. Meanwhile he was gone, I went through a huge number of boxes that we had not unpacked since moving into this house. I purged and donated 4 huge boxes of stuff to the local food and clothing bank. I seperated things I want to bring from things that are staying here. Then I did the same in the storage closet and started gathering the household items I have and need to bring. Jimmy had to fix our washer that was broken then I did like 30 loads of freaking laundry - back up from the time it was not working and also the bankets and sheets I am going to be bringing. This was a lot of work, but I am very happy with the progress!
Tonight I finished my sea lift order and sent it in! YAYYYYYY! I talked to my childcare provider who has been doing this for 20 plus years about pullups and decided to take them off of my sea lift order - aside from being super expensive, they don't seem to be very effective. My mom has started a list for me (I love my momma) of things I have and things I need... thankfully the need list is smaller than the have list!
Well I am off to bed.... sooooooo tired and I am going to be so happy to listen to Ellyott's breathing tonight on the monitor as I drift away to sleep! Night all!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


11 weeks till departure!!!

OK, so I had a weekend of fun at the cottage and went to the Annapolis Valley to the Oaklawn farm Zoo for Father's Day... It was a busy weekend...

I talked with a friend who is back in NS now, but worked for years in the north and northern Quebec... I am a little sad, but I think that I am going to leave Zoey here in NS.... for many different reasons...
1. flight restrictions on dogs...i.e. Christmas dogs are not allowed on the flights, then she needs to be boarding with someone in NU, which usually costs $1000.00...
2. flights when allowed cost $400.00 each way for her to come with me...
3. seriously, she is a big wuss in NS winters and I know in my heart that boots and jackets will not decrease the pain she feels when she is cold...
4. there are many dogs in NU, and my lil Zoey would never be able to protect herself... she is so docile and would not fit.
5. handling single parenthood and having Zoey there is going to be difficult
All in all, I am slowly coming to the realization that bringing her might be more selfish than fair... I need to spend some time thinking about this...

Otherwise, my lists are going well, but this upcoming weekend is going to be when things start to move. My parents are going to keep Ellyott during the day and then my sister is keeping him overnight on Saturday (my first night away from him by the way...argh) so that I can start to organize. I am going to go through all of our packed boxes and take out things I am bringing, while purging the rest. I am trying to get organized and reduce as much costs as I can by not buying all new stuff. I need to decide on getting a furnished or unfurnished apartment while in NU... hard decision because my boss said the majority of the furnature there is in "various states of disarray".

Well thats enough thinking for the night... I am off to read a book and try to rest my mind...

Monday, June 14, 2010


ok... so I am not scared about being in Cam Bay, or the workload I am getting into, or essentially single parenting with NO one to help me when I need a break... I am not scared about any of that.... I am not afraid of being in a community where I do not know the land, the people or even the culture... nope not scared at all. I am not scared though I read much about problems with systems... nope not scared about any of that... I believe that I am adaptable and have lots of energy to give and get through all of those pieces.... even the -50 tempertures! LOL!!!


I am seriously terrified about going on a plane for only the 3rd time in my life with a then 2 year old, who does not enjoy being confined and has never been in a plane.... so, I have squashed a kind suggestion from my mother to go to the dr and get vailum.... lol - can you imagine me all dosed up on valium (which I am allergic too) on a plane, with a little one.... nope. Thanks ma, but no thanks!!! I will have to make sure I have a stiff upper lip and look at the plane trips as just another adventure.... here to Edmonton, yes an adventure.... Edmonton to Yellowknife, continuing on! Yellowknife to Cam Bay... ok I am tired now! LOL!!!

Aside from my fears about planes in general, I booked both Ellyott and I in for dental checks and some work for me.... yay! So enthuastic about this one.... Hopefully the relocation coordinator that was assigned to me will call or email soon to give me some direction... I think my sister may take Ellyott overnight (for the first time away from me) so that I can safely start going through things and gathering items for the move. I am using our "red room" as the storage area. Apparently I am not allowed to pack anything myself, so I will just gather it all for the packers and movers...

C'mon 11 weeks and 5 1/2 days! C'mon!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My first blog! Planning!!!

Hello everyone!
I started this blog as a space to talk about my upcoming journey to Nunavut! I am sooooo excited and can't believe that in 12 weeks, I am going to be true to my long standing dream of living and working in Nunavut! I have accepted a job that I feel is going to be so fulfilling, demanding, exciting and just wonderful! I have a book called "Dreaming of Nunavut" and in this book I have started to write some lists... lists of clothes for me and for the baby, general household supplies, food items, cleaning supplies, furniture, things I need to do before I come i.e. medical assessments for me and Ellyott, his first eye appointment, dentist appointment and hearing assessment. Soooooo much to do and so excited!
I will update again soon!