Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How fast things change!

So, it is March 22 - happy birthday dad and happy first day of spring!

I am amazed at how fast the weater changes here. In January, we started to get the actual sun peaking the horizon - instead of the hour or less of twilight. Now, here we are, a bare 2 months later and we have the sun rise at 652am and setting at 722pm! Wow! Seriously gaining12 hours of daylight in a mere 2 months is nothing short of astounding! Can you imagine in NS changed this fast! Whoa nelly!

I am pretty happy lately - busy trying to figure out taxes, how to paint and the funny songs my son sings keeps me busy! I am anxiously awaiting our food mail delivery - was supposed to come last week, however arrived today after 5pm, so I have to wait another day. Okay, I suppose because Mr. Ellyott baby-o got some kind of belly bug! Poor babes. He has had it through the ringer with health issues since we have been here... I ordered a well.ca order and aside from my usual laundry soap, I am getting cod liver oil and probiotic powder for him. I hope this helps! He gets a multi vitamin and an extra vitamin D right now, but maybe the cod liver oil will actually work to help prevent being sick... next year, we are seriously getting the flu shot! No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

I was thinking on the weekend about time and wrote on my FB how much I appreciate how time is here... it is so hard to explain, except for the fact that I feel that I can breathe... I am so busy when I am in NS that sometimes my head feels like it is spinning, but here, my head does not spin at all. I am not saying that I don't ever want to be home, but being peaceful and having time to think and reflect is important to me right now. Hopefully, I will be able to incorporate this new way of life, when we move back down south. Will also be trying to maintain this frame of mind during our visit home in May-Juneish!

Well, have some extra work to do tonight, so take care all! XO's!

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