Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quietly stating that we are feeling better...

Hush, I am not saying that too loudly! Ellyott and I are definetly in happier spirits!

Last night I tried to go out to a friends party and ended up in a chaotic situation with the babysitters... I won`t explain, other than to say I may have grown a few gray hairs! LOL

Today Ellyott and I reorganized the barge room, cleaned the house (mostly) and cooked spaghetti! We had such a great day and only 2 incidents of him not listening! YAY!

We made some changes with his daily routine at daycare this past week. He was getting into trouble and being agressive with other much younger kids. We figure that he may be a bit bored and with more directed learning he should be better. So now, the daycare is seperating him in the 2-3 year old area from the little babies and he is going to spend some time with the 4-5 year olds everyday. Through the week, there seemed to be a better pattern emerging! I really hope that this continues for the next weeks to come.

I did my taxes my myself, listening to Adele and Etta James, drinking a tea, laying on my belly with the tax papers all around me... Funniest part of it all was me actually doing the math associated with calculating! I hateeeeeee math! But I hope my calculations are correct!

I think that our next trip home to NS will be around the end of May into June... I am starting to look for good flight deals and may actually have enough aeroplan points for one of us to come home for free! Woohoo! I will have to book in the next few weeks and I will keep you updated!

So, does anyone read this or shall I call it my online journalÉ


  1. I don't comment often but I read. I've been following your Cambridge Bay adventure since almost the beginning I think. I did a short contract there back in the mid 1990's.

  2. Hello N,
    Interesting that you were here before... I wonder what changes have happen since you were here. I know that the Hamlet is growing pretty fast and there are more changes coming... any specific questions you would like to knowÉ

  3. Haha! I read it, b/c I love reading northern blogs. I pretty much follow all of the Nunavut blogs (and some of the other northern territory blogs).

    Happy blogging! Life in the Arctic is so fascinating!

  4. I read it as well, I just arrived in Kugluktuk 2 weeks ago and was searching for info. I think you are so brave to come to the north as a single parent, WOW! Glad your feeling better.

  5. Well thanks for the comments!!! Melodie - have you been to the North...? it is truly a remarkable place with a peaceful beauty!

    I`ll have Nunavut - we are neighbours then! I have a few friends in Kugluktuk. What line of work are you in?

  6. I read!! You should add Statcounter and you'd be surprised how many people read but don't ever comment. It's free and easy to set up. Check out

    You'll also be really surprised where people read from. I have readers from all sorts of crazy places in the world. You don't have to post it publicly on your blog if you don't want to just have it for your own personal info.

  7. Jennifer we are close, I am in education-Finance. I will be in Cam Bay in April. I am really enjoying it here. People are very kind and giving.
    What line of work are you in?