Sunday, August 22, 2010

Humm... 8 days now!

Okay, we had such a great day yesterday for Ellyott's birthday! The sun was out, but it was not scorching hot. We had a great turn out too! Loretta (who was our dayhome childcare momma) came with a big blow up bouncy castle, and let me to you all how much fun he had! HA! I had ordered a digger cake from Superstore, and asked them to draw a pic of a dump truck or an esvacator, but instead they made some cool dirt and added in a toy escavator and dump truck! I was so impressed!

This week is going to be filled with dentist appointments for me, packing the 8 suitcases we can bring - which includes more shopping... argh... I am really shopped out. Ellyott's actual birthday is on August 26th, so we are going to have a little gathering on that day too. I realized that I sent everything, and was supposed to keep out some supplies incase my shipment has not arrived in Cambridge Bay, so I have to do some scrambling for sheets, blankets, pots and pans, plates etc... I have to gather up some random food things that I didn't send in my sea lift - i.e. yeast for my homemade bread, spices, etc. I need to get some more medical stuff and some other random necessities... I really hope that our things get there relatively close to our arrival time, because I did not save warm clothes here to bring.... lately Cambridge Bay has been in the low teens and down to 4 overnight. I am learning alot from this move and if I were to do it again, I'd make some modifications to my planning!!!

I sold my car - yay! All we need to do is have the car cleaned and the oil changed and the money exchange so that I can pay off the loan and cancel my insurance - then I am free from almost 600.00 in payments a month! WHOP! WHOP!

I am still a little nervous about the plane... I got some "puppy valium" for Zoey... OMG! Ellyott had a stomach bug for a week, an ear infection for a week and now a cold, so our family doctor said to give him advil about an hour before the plane leaves and to have some gravol onhand... I have no idea what to expect giving him gravol as he has not had it before... Once I get in Edmonton, we are going to check out the West Edmonton Mall - I have never been there, so since we have an overnight there, I think it would be great to explore!

I will update again later in the week and I know that alot of my friends are reading this blog and if you have any suggestions about all of this, plus let me know!!! XOXO's!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

15 days! Tick, tock...

I htink that I am in a much better state than I was a few days ago. Last week was so hard to get through... the baby being sick, the puppy, the last week at work and that no one was around - Jimmy away working, mom and dad at the cottage, Jimmy's parents away and Lori working. I know that when I am in Cambridge Bay, it is going to be Ellyott, myself and our puppy... and thats okay - as long as there is not a little puppy peeing all over the place! LOL

I can't believe that in just over 2 weeks, I am going to be arriving in Nunavut! I have dreamed of going to Nunavut for years and years, and something always held me back. This current decision is based on a lot of factors - i.e. work experience, a great manager, money... ahh yes, money. A friend told me a story about her son and not being able to afford his soccer lessons, and he told his friend to come over after his lessons to teach him... this hit home for me. 11 more years it would take to pay off these loans at my salary, but I will have them paid in a year instead.

Here is a list of all the things I am excited about...
- seeing the Northern lights
- being part of a cose, family oriented community
- being part of such a progressive team
- not having to think outside the box, because "there is NO box" according to my boss!
- working towards my masters degree
- learning a new culture, practices and being part of a vibrant community that is growing in response to mining nearby
and just.... EVERYTHING else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to miss the following...
- my family and friends
- walking through the isles of the grocery store, puttering
- Pete's Fruitique make your own salads
- Chapters
- trees!
- fresh produce that is readily accessable

But I am not going to miss driving an hour and a half to and from work everyday, especially in a snowstorm... I can`t wait...!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I feel like a bobblehead...

Okay, time is going by, 20 days to go!!! So this weekend I am going away to the cottage with some friends from work and then my great friend Natasha and her son, Christian (Ellyott's BFF) are coming up for a few days.

My complaints... I am a tad bit stressed (sense the sarcasam - meaning I am SERIOUSLY, crying, worrying stressed) about Ellyott, as he has a bad ear infection and a terrible fever. I am worried that I won't get everything finished at work by Friday, my last day AND my last complaint is that we got Jimmy a new puppy and this little dude is NUTS. He is a bullmastiff, 7 weeks old, pooping everywhere, outside for 20 mins and comes inside to pee all over the freaking floor - he like to walk and pee at the same time - - - quite the talented little one, eh?

So, if you have ever seen those bobblehead things in people's cars that move around like crazy if the car is moving... they go up and down, around and around, backwards and forwards, up and forward, down and backwords... totally random. Very unpredictable. Just overall crazy looking... well, thats ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, deep breath... relax.... insert positive self talk here... and yes, I have to end this blog, because the puppy was playing happily and right in the middle of this, with no warning, he crouched down and pooped on my bedroom carpet... argh......

Thursday, August 5, 2010

25 dayssssss!!! Whop! Whop!

1 week from tomorrow is my last day of work and in 25 days, at 715 am, we fly out for Edmonton, stay there overnight, and on August 31, we travel to Yellowknife and then Cambridge Bay! WOOHOO! I am sooooo excited!

The packers and mvoers came last weekend, so now my things are on their way to Edmonton to be crated and flown the rest of the way. My sealift order will arrive in my community before I get there. I had a conference call last night with my team and one of my new coworkers is going to the Northern and telling them that I don't arrive until August 31, so I imagine that they will store my things until then.

After work is finished, I have about a week off - to spend some time with special people at our family cottage and I start working for the Government of Nunavut August 23 from here... I am having Ellyott's 2nd birthday on August 21. Then the last week was supposed to be filled with wedding activities with a friend, but this plan has changed, so I guess I will do more visiting!

I arranged for Jimmy to get a puppy because I decided to bring my dog with me to Nunavut... funny thing is, I need to get her on a little diet before we fly ! HA! Apparently, the dog has to be under 22lbs to fly in the cabin with me and Zoey is 22.7 lbs... no more eating the baby's food Zoey! Lots of time playing outside too!

I can't wait to get to Nunavut! I think this job is an exceptional opportunity for me as a professional and the culture of the Inuit will enrich my life and core family values. I hope to make some great friends and some strong experiences!