Thursday, August 5, 2010

25 dayssssss!!! Whop! Whop!

1 week from tomorrow is my last day of work and in 25 days, at 715 am, we fly out for Edmonton, stay there overnight, and on August 31, we travel to Yellowknife and then Cambridge Bay! WOOHOO! I am sooooo excited!

The packers and mvoers came last weekend, so now my things are on their way to Edmonton to be crated and flown the rest of the way. My sealift order will arrive in my community before I get there. I had a conference call last night with my team and one of my new coworkers is going to the Northern and telling them that I don't arrive until August 31, so I imagine that they will store my things until then.

After work is finished, I have about a week off - to spend some time with special people at our family cottage and I start working for the Government of Nunavut August 23 from here... I am having Ellyott's 2nd birthday on August 21. Then the last week was supposed to be filled with wedding activities with a friend, but this plan has changed, so I guess I will do more visiting!

I arranged for Jimmy to get a puppy because I decided to bring my dog with me to Nunavut... funny thing is, I need to get her on a little diet before we fly ! HA! Apparently, the dog has to be under 22lbs to fly in the cabin with me and Zoey is 22.7 lbs... no more eating the baby's food Zoey! Lots of time playing outside too!

I can't wait to get to Nunavut! I think this job is an exceptional opportunity for me as a professional and the culture of the Inuit will enrich my life and core family values. I hope to make some great friends and some strong experiences!


  1. So glad you're bringing the dog. I think you'll be happy to have another live thing in your house for those long lonely days. I'm sure Ellyott will like having her there too.

  2. They are best buddies, so I think it is important! I have been following you FB status updates and I hope Nick gets here soon! Sending you and him good travelling vibes!