Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ok... It is now...
-1 week, 5 days till the packers and movers come
-3 weeks till my last day at work
-5 weeks till we leave!!!

I am almost ready... I still have to buy a few things - which most importantly include boots for me and Ellyott. I can't believe how difficult it is to get boots that are rated at -50 or lower... I have been to MANY stores and yes, I know it is summer, but seriously NO ONE HAS ANY! Unless I bought these huge heavy steel toed man boots from Marks Work Warehouse - which does not suit me. I can't find any boots for the baby either. I am at a loss.

Other than the boots, I need a few odds and ends, and am facing a laundry dilemma. I thought I was being placed in a unit with a top loader, so I went and bought powdered soap, however, they have moved me to a unit closer to the daycare and this unit has been redone (YAY) but includes a front loader. So hence my issue... my sealift is already ordered and crated and possibly already sailing and the company who is shipping my furniture does not accept any liquids...


After my things are sent, we have 1 month of jam packed events! Our childcare provider is on vacation the first week of August, so Ellyott will be with family, then he goes back to Loretta for 1 week, then I am done work. We have a trip to the cottage with friends and then my friend Natasha and Ellyott's BFF Christian are coming out for a couple nights... then back to Halifax to plan for Ellyott's 2nd birthday party on August 21. August 23 I start working for Government of Nunavut from here... interviewing people, gathering info etc. THEN, Ellyotts real birthday is August 26, I am standing in Angela's wedding on the 28th and then the plane leaves with us on it on August 30th! WHOP!

I can't wait to hit the road! I am still terrified of the flight with the baby, but I am going to have to get over that, eh?

Anyone think of something I am forgetting? I appreciate any thoughts, suggestions etc!



  1. Don't worry about your boots! You won't find a pair that you are happy with especially this time of year. I would just come on up with a pair of good hikers - and then do some online shopping once September rolls around and all the Winter gear starts making an appearance.

    Here are a few sites that we used "ALL" the time.

    **I used a front loading washer for years at my old place of employment and we always used "powdered" soap, since at the time that was all we could find that had no scent. Or you could always sell your powdered soap when you arrive and buy your soap via the Northern and/or if you ever take a trip to Yellowknife, stock up on your Liquid Laundry soap then.

    Good luck and safe travels.

  2. I wore "Nunavut sneakers"...insulated rubber boots. They sell them at walmart for $30, everyone will be wearing them. I never worse heavy duty winter boots unless I was out on the land all day. Loved wearing Uggs in the middle of winter there too. No need for -50 rating, it's not necessary.

  3. Don't worry!! carries laundry detergent and it is free shipping anywhere in Canada.

    I buy most of our shoes from SoftMoc online. Here are their Sorel boots:

    And we were the same as Jen. Matt work the lined rubberboots most of the year and I wore a winter walking shoe. Boots were only for skidooing.

    Good luck with your move!

  4. Thank you all for your thoughts... so seriously we don't need the rated boots? Serious!?!

    Thank you for the web info, ESPECIALLY for! Whop! WHop! I feel like I could jump up and down with happiness about this one! YAY!

    I am so excited, but the movers are coming next Friday and I am so worried I am going to forget something... words of wisdom? Experience?

  5. Whatever you forget you can bribe friends and family to mail it to you later!