Saturday, July 10, 2010

Whoa Jennifer!

Ok.... so I must admit I was overwhelmed for a bit... I had a hard case at work, frustrated with the current systems and powers at play in my current job and this can be summerized as frustrating. I came home and played with Ellyott - during such time I fell down and hurt my wrist... I proceeded to give him a bath then came to my room and had a bit of a cry-a-thon-feel-so-sorry-for-myself-no-one-cares-fest... In thinking about what I need to do to get ready to leave NS, I began to feel alone... I mean really alone... J is gone away working, dad is at sea, mom is at the cottage with Maggie and aunt Barb, Pierre just had a baby, J's parents are in Cape Breton and my friends are all busy... so I felt a little stressed wondering how I was going to be able to go shopping to get everything I need with Ellyott in tow....NOT GOING TO WORK... so, I woke on Friday, vented a bit and then I read a FB post that said "today I am going to focus on what I can do, and not on what I can't do...

breath in... breath out...

So today I left home at 9am... Jimmy came home last night from work and stayed with the baby today... I took off to the car dealer to have my car appraised and then hit the stores... Thanks to Shannon who got me into Costco and helped me get some good deals, then it was off to Zellers, Henry's, Superstore, Canadian Tire and Lawtons... I spent $1500.00 today and counted up saving 1100.00!!!!! I have NEVER spent that much or saved that much either!! I came home, did a brief inventory and made a list of the remaining things I need... guessing one more full shopping day and I will be DONNNNNNNEEE!

So my plans were to clean this house tonight... but nope.... not doing it... I am going to lay in bed and watch a chick flick... seriously KAPUT!!!

3 weeks till the packers and movers come and then 7 weeks to go till departure!

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