Saturday, August 14, 2010

15 days! Tick, tock...

I htink that I am in a much better state than I was a few days ago. Last week was so hard to get through... the baby being sick, the puppy, the last week at work and that no one was around - Jimmy away working, mom and dad at the cottage, Jimmy's parents away and Lori working. I know that when I am in Cambridge Bay, it is going to be Ellyott, myself and our puppy... and thats okay - as long as there is not a little puppy peeing all over the place! LOL

I can't believe that in just over 2 weeks, I am going to be arriving in Nunavut! I have dreamed of going to Nunavut for years and years, and something always held me back. This current decision is based on a lot of factors - i.e. work experience, a great manager, money... ahh yes, money. A friend told me a story about her son and not being able to afford his soccer lessons, and he told his friend to come over after his lessons to teach him... this hit home for me. 11 more years it would take to pay off these loans at my salary, but I will have them paid in a year instead.

Here is a list of all the things I am excited about...
- seeing the Northern lights
- being part of a cose, family oriented community
- being part of such a progressive team
- not having to think outside the box, because "there is NO box" according to my boss!
- working towards my masters degree
- learning a new culture, practices and being part of a vibrant community that is growing in response to mining nearby
and just.... EVERYTHING else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to miss the following...
- my family and friends
- walking through the isles of the grocery store, puttering
- Pete's Fruitique make your own salads
- Chapters
- trees!
- fresh produce that is readily accessable

But I am not going to miss driving an hour and a half to and from work everyday, especially in a snowstorm... I can`t wait...!!!


  1. The countdown is on!! Very exciting. I hope the north lives up to all your expectaions. The northern lights are so very cool. They never get old.

  2. I found your blog, and now I'm going to follow it! I love to follow all the Nunavut blogs from the south!

    I think it's so cute how you say you've been dreaming of going to Nunavut for years and years! That's awesome! I hope you enjoy it!!!