Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines Day...
This is the first year that I have really felt loved. My little boy is so sick and wants to cuddle and be so close... my heart just melted with him today...

I was away in Iqaluit for duty travel for 1 week, during which time my baby got sick :( I wanted to come home so much and time just creeped by sooooo slllllooooowly! I can't say my trip was wonderful. But getting home to a sick boy was... I need to hold him and take care of him. Yes, I recognize how juvenille this blog is sounding, but it is hard to sound adult like when I am talking about being a momma!

So... after almost 2 1/2 months of staring at my new book of poetry journal, I finally wrote a poem! YAY! Not the greatest work of art, but a milestone nonetheless!!! I am proud!

I went on an aurora guided tour when I was in Yellowknife. It was a really memorable experience! They showed me how to use my camera - it took pics of the lights, but when I uploaded them on my comp, they turned out blurry, so I need to keep playing with the settings.

I bought some watercolor pencils so I am going to try drawing again! OMG what a mess that will be! I think that I am becoming addicted to hobbies! Which is actually good because I need some!

I think that this post is a rambling mess of nonsense! I am going to end it and go cuddle in bed with my babes! Take care!

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