Sunday, June 20, 2010


11 weeks till departure!!!

OK, so I had a weekend of fun at the cottage and went to the Annapolis Valley to the Oaklawn farm Zoo for Father's Day... It was a busy weekend...

I talked with a friend who is back in NS now, but worked for years in the north and northern Quebec... I am a little sad, but I think that I am going to leave Zoey here in NS.... for many different reasons...
1. flight restrictions on dogs...i.e. Christmas dogs are not allowed on the flights, then she needs to be boarding with someone in NU, which usually costs $1000.00...
2. flights when allowed cost $400.00 each way for her to come with me...
3. seriously, she is a big wuss in NS winters and I know in my heart that boots and jackets will not decrease the pain she feels when she is cold...
4. there are many dogs in NU, and my lil Zoey would never be able to protect herself... she is so docile and would not fit.
5. handling single parenthood and having Zoey there is going to be difficult
All in all, I am slowly coming to the realization that bringing her might be more selfish than fair... I need to spend some time thinking about this...

Otherwise, my lists are going well, but this upcoming weekend is going to be when things start to move. My parents are going to keep Ellyott during the day and then my sister is keeping him overnight on Saturday (my first night away from him by the way...argh) so that I can start to organize. I am going to go through all of our packed boxes and take out things I am bringing, while purging the rest. I am trying to get organized and reduce as much costs as I can by not buying all new stuff. I need to decide on getting a furnished or unfurnished apartment while in NU... hard decision because my boss said the majority of the furnature there is in "various states of disarray".

Well thats enough thinking for the night... I am off to read a book and try to rest my mind...


  1. Thoughts:
    If you go with unfurnished, where are you going to get things? Bringing furniture with you is not a realistic option. I'm sure what's provided isn't great but it's free.

    Dog. Bring the dog! Everyone up here has dogs. It's certainly an issue that needs working out but I'm sure you'll be happy you did. The northern airlines only charge $100 each way and if you have to, you can kennel him in Calgary/Edmonton (not sure of your gateway) for much less than $1000. It wouldn't be unusual to find someone who'd be happy to watch him while you're gone either.
    -Don't worry about the weather. I bought Tank a coat and boots and he never needed them. He didn't spend alot of time outside but he did fine.
    -The other dogs could be an issue I agree. We just don't leave Tank out without someone with him.

    Just my thoughts. Obviously, do what's right for you. Glad things are moving forward for you.

  2. Hey there,

    I know alot of people who have brought their dogs.

    I think your own would be nice to have, and would make the transition for Ellyot a little easier. And your apartment would be cheaper unfurnished I believe, with the GN. But, dont bring anything that you wont be leaving here, becuase althought the GN flies you and your stuff in, they do not usually fly you out unless you are here for over 3 years or something like that.

    Those are my thoughts.

    I think you would definately have enough shipping to bring your furniture and supplies for a year. My friend brought her whole house up here!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Speaking as a Northern Citizen, well for at least another two days -we fly quite frequently with our two huskies - Canadian North only charge 100.00 + 5% tax for your pup. First Air, depending on size charges approximately 85.00 per dog. The kennel we have used in the past for our two huskies is Great Slave Animal Hospital/Kennel in Yellowknife, they will come pick up and drop off your dog at the airport - as long as it is a Monday-Friday. They charged ~20 dollars per day for your dog.
    Believe it or not, my huskies are huge sooks too - Chakotay was rescued in Cape Breton, and anything under -20 he sooks..but he still goes outside and plays - and while it does get cold in Cam Bay - it doesn't stay -50 below for weeks on end....well maybe sometimes, but even then Dogs adapt quite well. My youngest pups came from Manitoba, and well...she thrives on the cold weather...We never leave our dogs outside unattended, we have a dog kennel in our back yard, and yet we still leave the back door open...and the kids have learned not to touch or play with our they are "Mean"..Wink Wink!
    You'll learn all about flight restrictions - and those usually only apply to Southern bound flights - I have never heard of anyone having an issue with flying their dogs out of the North during holidays - pending they leave them in yellowknife for boarding.