Monday, June 14, 2010


ok... so I am not scared about being in Cam Bay, or the workload I am getting into, or essentially single parenting with NO one to help me when I need a break... I am not scared about any of that.... I am not afraid of being in a community where I do not know the land, the people or even the culture... nope not scared at all. I am not scared though I read much about problems with systems... nope not scared about any of that... I believe that I am adaptable and have lots of energy to give and get through all of those pieces.... even the -50 tempertures! LOL!!!


I am seriously terrified about going on a plane for only the 3rd time in my life with a then 2 year old, who does not enjoy being confined and has never been in a plane.... so, I have squashed a kind suggestion from my mother to go to the dr and get vailum.... lol - can you imagine me all dosed up on valium (which I am allergic too) on a plane, with a little one.... nope. Thanks ma, but no thanks!!! I will have to make sure I have a stiff upper lip and look at the plane trips as just another adventure.... here to Edmonton, yes an adventure.... Edmonton to Yellowknife, continuing on! Yellowknife to Cam Bay... ok I am tired now! LOL!!!

Aside from my fears about planes in general, I booked both Ellyott and I in for dental checks and some work for me.... yay! So enthuastic about this one.... Hopefully the relocation coordinator that was assigned to me will call or email soon to give me some direction... I think my sister may take Ellyott overnight (for the first time away from me) so that I can safely start going through things and gathering items for the move. I am using our "red room" as the storage area. Apparently I am not allowed to pack anything myself, so I will just gather it all for the packers and movers...

C'mon 11 weeks and 5 1/2 days! C'mon!


  1. I have one word for you.... Gravol! For Ellyott I mean but you could probably use a dose if you're really nervous. I've used it many times on Oliver when he's been difficult on a plane. It maybe not the best parenting choice but it works. Otherwise, bring LOTS for him to do.

  2. I agree its a great idea to have a little first aid kit with character bandaids of whatever Ellyott likes for us its Curious George bandaids or Diego anything but whatever works.. and incluce things like polysporin, zinc oxide cream, hydrocortisone for eczema like reactions to the cold. The plane is great. I recommend getting his own special earphones for the on board entertainment system. Andrew wanted nothing to do with the earbuds.

    You are going to kick ass at this Jen. Im so exicted for you and cant wait to follow your blog to keep up with what you are doing. Be sure to let me know the time difference and a phone number when you get settled too. If you need anything before then let us know. I have clothes for your too to get back to you. I got my wisdom tooth out today soooo fun .... NOT.. talk soon

  3. Baby Tylenol works well too. Make sure you give it before the flight or as soon as you get on so it will kick in.....

  4. Watch out with Gravol- on some kids it has the opposite effect and hypes them up!! Give it a test run before you fly.

    Bring lots and lots of snacks!!

    And don't worry- you will adapt just fine! Get out and involved in the community. Join some mom/babe groups if they have them, go to community suppers, join a sewing class.

    One thing though- be wary of letting kids into your house. We had a rule- no kids in our house unless their parents came in with them. We saw a teacher lose their job over having kids in the house which got out of hand.