Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feeling spring coming... I think!

Hey! It is amazing! For the last 2 weeks, the temperture has been amazing - with the coldest day being -20 and warmest was -9! For Cambridge Bay, which hit -64 for 3 weeks, -20 is balmy. I was walking to the Northern and post office one day, when it was around -11, and saw someone with their pants rolled up and no coat!!! OMG - it was truly beautiful, but wouldn't be me! Ellyott and I went to the community market today and it was so nice to get out of the ordinary routine! Every Friday is momma and baby date night (LOL) and he wanted to go to the "red-dur-aunt". We had dinner at the Inns North and then walked home. There were 2 puppies out back of our house, so I got our dog and we went out to play. A little boy came along and played with us - teaching Ellyott how to climb the mountain - aka snow bank! We stayed out till 640pm, which was amazing! Though he had a bit of a meltdown when I made him come inside to get ready for bed - my name was mud! HA! So, Ellyott and I are leaving Cam Bay for our summer vacation on June 3rd. We head to Montreal as I have a board meeting for a National foundation that I am involved with. My parents are going to drive from NS to Montreal. Dad wants to go see his sister and they will take care of Ellyott while I am in my conference. When I went home at Christmas, I was apprehensive... I love the life here in Nunavut... the pace of things, the patience of the people here and that there is so much more time for me to spend with him here - as opposed to how our life was in NS. But this time, I am actually pretty stoaked to come home! I am DREAMING about the cottage! I am excited to go for a drive and hang out at a beach and swim too! I am excited to see my family and friends and finally, I want to go dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is hard for me to be social here because I do not have anyone reliable to care for Ellyott. OMG, my ears are killing me! I had 2 bouts of strep and apparently because the strep was not treated on time, the virus went into my sinuses... when it did that, it caused pressure on my ear drums and the right side burst and the left side is flattened. I am on antibiotics. The nurse said that I should have my hearing back in 36 hours but it has now been about 70 hours and I still can't hear. I looked it up online and apparently there is a chance I won't get it back. I am a little, well alot, freaked out that it won't come back... I could not even hear Ellyott the other night when he woke and that is really scary. I am getting referred to the ENT clinic either here in Cam Bay if they are flying in or in Edmonton. Please wish that my hearing comes back, I am truly afraid. Well, I shall run and clean up the mess! We made and decorated cookies tonight and my kitchen is coated in icing and sprinkles! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! It was great fun!

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